Dr Fiori Zafeiropoulou

Fiori is an academic and a social entrepreneur; holds an award winning PHD on Social Entrepreneurship and Cand.Post Doc on Slavery free Supply Chains Nottingham University Rights Lab & AUEB. She is the Project Leader of the Pilot City of Athens on Public Procurement Trafficking free supply chains. Country Coordinator of the global movement Fashion Revolution.org in Greece, the Coordinator of Raise Your Voice Festival to end modern slavery. Founder of Social Fashion Factory – SOFFA.gr that targets environmental regeneration and social inclusion of victims of slavery and refugees. She was the central speaker at UN Women Day ’18 & The central character of the Swiss documentary ‘One Over Many’ by Daphne Bengoa, Produced by Fluxum Foundation. Ranked in 100 TOP Women in Greece by Marie Claire International. Executive Producer of TV Show SocialGrowth.ert.gr. Founder Refergon.com employment refugee matching platform, the rebirth of iconic Zita Hellas Sneakers and The Nest Centre on Social Entrepreneurship. Academic Coordinator of the incubation programmes of European consortia “Blue Social Growth”; “Social Growth for Trafficking and Refugees”; “Social & Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurs”;  TEDx talk ‘Are you still dreaming how to be a Doer?”. Her research has been published in international conferences and research books. She travels the world to promote sustainable fashion & anti-slavery .

Email: f.zafeiropoulou@soffa.gr

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