Kelly Koulizou

Sustainable fashion designer, founder of mikrovouti, a greek kids sustainable and fair trade brand with a social impact, and founder of tree.wear your values, an online shop with Greek and Cypriot zero waste and sustainable designers. She’s also the Sustainable fashion Department Manager of Areskee, a cypriot online marketplace, and working on many projects regarding circular fashion.After 10 years of working for the greatest fast-fashion brands of Athens, it was time to study what she loved. FASHION.She studied styling, fashion, and pattern design at Veloudakis Fashion School, sewing and pattern making at Theialab, sustainable fashion entrepreneurship at SOFE hub, and never stopped attending workshops and seminars ever since. Transparency, ethos and helping people in need are very important to her.She’s also a proud member of the Fashion Revolution Greece Team too.Her favorite quote is: Be the change you wish to see in the world. And that’s exactly what she does, being part of Fashion Revolution