Nafsika Ioli Kontou

Nafsika is coming from the shipping industry, with a 10-year experience already in various fields. She holds a BA in Maritime Studies from the University of Piraeus, a MSc in Shipping, Transport and International Trade from the University of Aegean (Chios) and a LLM in International Shipping Law from the Queen Mary University of London. She has attended some sewing seminars and she currently studies Fashion Design in Athens Fashion Club. She is a fashion lover, she does not follow trends, she is annoyed by the consumption patterns and she believes that, in the end of the day fashion can make good. Deeply interested in sustainable/circular fashion she tries to enhance her knowledge through on line courses and participation in seminars/workshops. Of her main goals is to see a shift in people’s mindsets.In her personal life, she has adopted a low waste lifestyle.


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